Friday, December 30, 2011

A TAG TABLET HOLDER gift for a friend

I wish that I'd taken more photos of the Tag Tablet Holder that I made for my friend, Sherry. (I was in too much of a hurry as I completed it with NO time to spare before leaving to pick her up for dinner.) We traditionally treat the "birthday girl" to DINNER ONLY, but I wanted to give her a little handmade gift and all needed supplies were already in my stash. The only investment was my TIME and I was HAPPY to spend it on making a little gift for her.

About the Tag Tablet Holder...the tags have hidden button magnets that work to keep the holder closed. It opens to reveal pretty papers adhered to both side panels and a lined mini-legal pad secured to the middle panel. (SO sorry that I don't have photos to show!)

Sherry seemed to LIKE IT so I was a very HAPPY paper crafter! (grin)

Thursday, December 29, 2011


My mom LOVES my paper crafts, so I try to make her something for EVERY major occasion.

She is a TRUE ARTISAN, not just a hobbyist, as am I. Mom has created BEAUTIFUL ceramic pieces, pencil portrait drawings, hand painted boxes, plaques, signs, furniture, coat racks -- sooo many things! My home is FILLED with her crafts and with antique furniture that she has restored! (When setting up my home, I had the GOOD SENSE to purchase from her shop rather than to buy "new stuff" from local stores.)

Mom knows that I never-EVER want her to buy me gifts for CHRISTmas and birthdays! Instead, I ask her to "make me something," or, now, to "give me something that she has already made." A CHRISTmas neared, Mom asked, "Deb, what do you want for CHRISTmas?" to which I answered, "Whatchu GOT?!!!" We both laughed and laughed, then went on a "house tour" until I settled on a smallish rustic vintage bench that she had restored years before. Though it was "earmarked" to be part of my inheritance, I decided that I would like it NOW, so it is nestled on the floor near my antique pie safe -- PERFECTLY at home!

Back to Mom...she does FABULOUS needlework, having embroidered blankets for each of her grandchildren and many of her great-grandchildren. Though her hands are now crippled with arthritis and she is unable to paint, she just completed a GORGEOUS embroidered baby blanket for a grown granddaughter who has not, yet, become a mother. Mom knew that she would not be alive for the baby's birth, so made a blanket "in advance." It was a true LABOR OF LOVE.

My talents are MEAGER (an understatement of GREAT proportion) in comparison to my mom's, yet she admires my paper crafting efforts. Too sweet.

Knowing that she loves birds, I kept that in mind while making her 2012 Paper Bag Calendar and many of the pages feature owls, sparrows -- birds of all kinds. (Did I mention that she ALSO bakes?? And was a TERRIFIC seamstress??? HA!!)

Here are a few photos of her calendar book:


I made Bag Book Calendars for Benny, Jer's step-mother, her daughter, Jan, and HER daughter, Karlee, (three generations) as little CHRISTmas gifts this year. We don't exchange gifts, but I want them to know that even though Jerry Sr. is now gone, it doesn't mean that we no longer care about them.

Over a year ago, Jer's step-sister, Jan, who is a preschool teacher (as I was, until recently), saw MY bag book calendar and requested that I make one for her, so it's my desire to make one for them all, each year.

Below are four photos of each calendar book -- of the cover, inside front cover, inside back cover, and the back cover. Every other page just has Top Note die-cuts from decorated paper with a monthly calendar adhered atop.

This first one is Karlee's:

The second book is Benny's:

And, the last book is Jan's:

Here they are, ready to be mailed. I thought they looked SWEET and INVITING!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As seems to be my USUAL response, I was simply NOT satisfied with Sherry's birthday card from yesterday's post. Something about the LEAVES just seemed OFF.

So, a few minutes ago, I browsed through my past postings and came upon a card that used a Martha Stewart "twig" punch. EUREKA!! I just KNEW some twigs would make ALL the difference in my newest card -- and I DO believe that I was right!! (grin)

Here's the NEW & IMPROVED version...

And, here is the inside which I kept simple, using a smaller corrugated die-cut heart with centered jewel.

Okay. I'm happy, now.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Birthday Card for a BEAUTIFUL Friend

Sherry's birthday was November 17th, but each year we wait until after Thanksgiving to celebrate together, when life is in lull-mode between Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas. It seemed anti-climactic to present her a l-a-t-e BIRTHDAY card, so I omitted a theme from the card front and will write a personal note inside instead of having a printed sentiment.

Hers is the VERY FIRST card created in my new crafting studio!! "New" as in refurbished from what was previously the "preschool room" during my seventeen childcare years and a "sitting room" for Jer and me prior to that. It, also, served as a "nursery" for my last two children until they were old enough to occupy bedrooms some distance from their mama. And, originally, it was the west end of a large living room until, approximately twenty-three years ago, when we decided to construct a dividing wall . (Hmmm...I wonder how long it will serve as my special craft room?)

Honestly, it felt ODD to be sitting in privacy, surrounded by my cardmaking supplies, instead of monopolizing the dining room table with family members traipsing in-and-out on treks to the kitchen. Weird experience. Not BAD...exactly. But, definitely NOT (yet) comfortable.

Well, here is the FIRST FRUIT from my "garden" retreat. Ha!

I still have a few paper flowers made from a worn-out children's book, so put one to work on Sherry's card. I used a kraft card base and a cream panel, roughed-up and edged with "wild honey" Distress Ink. A page from 7 gypsies' "collections from the journey" paper pack was torn and distressed with "wild honey" and "brushed corduroy" Distress Inks. Some dotted kraft S.U.! punched petals were reshaped into leaves and tucked beneath the flower.

A couple lengths of earth tone "ticker tape" were adhered along the left side of the panel, topped with a distressed corrugated die-cut primitive heart and layered buttons, along with a tuft of mocha tulle. Bottom-right is a cluster of sparklies and a half-pearl.

Hmmm...this FIRST card may not be publication-worthy, but I'm not ashamed of it -- and I have HIGH HOPES that Sherry will actually LIKE it!! (grin)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Birthday Card for my 30 year-old son!!

My Trey-Trey is THIRTY!! (I absolutely NEVER use his old nickname now that he's an adult, but I'm a bit nostalgic for my lil fella...sniff.)

Since Trey's passion is deer hunting, I made an appropriately themed card. Son #3, Colson, was of the opinion that I should include a BULL'S EYE on the deer graphic. Ugh!! I-DON'T-THINK-SO!!! I just featured a handsome buck with NO reference to shooting him!

I penned a lil prayer for Trey which I used as the inside sentiment. As a husband and father, he has many demands on his time and I thought it a "timely" reminder for him to choose that which is GOOD over that which is simply FUN. (He makes the determination. Heaven FORBID that I should PREACH!! grin)

In addition to his card and gift, I made him a batch of his FAVORITE sweets -- chocolate no-bake cookies!! He told Colson, "Nobody makes 'em as good as Mom!" Aaaaw!!! Too sweet! (And, a GREAT way to get future batches!)

Here are photos of his card...

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Joy's 28th birthday was Friday. YAAAH!!! An AUTUMN birthday!!

This card was a simple design that was made even EASIER by using several papers from a collection. Other than the made-in-advance flower of Paper Studio Everyday Kraft paper, the other paper elements -- the background paper, PTI Christmas Label die-cut sentiment, and Sweet 'n Sassy stamps die-cut leaves -- were all from a DCWV Harvest Gathering paper stack. The lace and half-pearl were from my stash.

Though it's not an especially CREATIVE card, I simply LOVE the kraft and autumn papers, so am HAPPY with it.

This should be the LAST card made at my dining room table for all of my no-longer-needed preschool equipment has been removed and LOTS of my crafting supplies are stacked and scattered all over what will SOON be my Crafting Studio!! WOO HOOO!! It may not be beautiful and perfectly organized, but the room will be ALL MINE!!!


Saturday, October 15, 2011


Last Thursday (2 days ago) was my LAST day as a Family Childcare Provider!! I am retired!!!

And, TODAY, the director of a small preschool came by to "shop" my equipment and learning resources!! Of course, I only made pennies on the dollar of what it all COST me, but she purchased nearly $300 worth of materials and I saw it all headin' down the road in the back of a pickup truck!! WOO HOOO!!!

But, because I have been working like a CRAZY WOMAN to get stuff UP out of my basement and prepped for sale, I failed to make a birthday card for my sweet granddaughter, who just turned six. Ugh. Her party was today at 7:00 p.m. and I completed her card at 6:30!!! Waaaay too much stress!!

I took as many shortcuts as I could conceive, yet STILL give Abigail's card a SPECIAL look. I used a pre-made red with white polka-dots card base, which saved three steps -- measuring, cutting, and folding.

I used a yellow rolled rose that I'd made a few weeks ago and used a Martha Stewart punch to get some green foliage to frame it. Funny, I just realized that I used 3 different companies' paper punches/dies for the layered "6" embellie. I used a Fiskars circle punch; an EK Success tag punch, and a PTI numeral "6" die. The banner was cut by hand -- just stamped musical bars with yellow ink on a scrap of white card stock and cut it into a banner strip.

The checked & dotted paper strip was cut from a lovely sheet of striped "girls' paperie" paper and the name panel was made with PrintMaster software and punched with a S.U.! oval punch.

For a card that was made in Panic Mode, it turned out okay -- and sweet Abigail was PLEASED with it. That's what matters!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

INSIDE my Daughter's Birthday card

I recently ordered and received a CD from Crafty Secrets labeled, "Creating with Vintage." I used two of the files for the inside of Moriah's card -- a vintage recipe card -- and a pretty patterned paper which I BARELY revealed along the edges of the recipe card and FEATURED along the bottom-edge of the recipe card. (I wanted just a HINT of color and pattern beyond the recipe card, you see. :)

This first photo is of the inside BEFORE Jer signed it.

As I've mentioned before, it is TREACHEROUS territory, allowing Jer to sign ANY handmade card!! But, after all, Moriah is HIS daughter, too! Soooo, with fear and trembling, I gave him the journaling pen and stepped into the next room, lest he accuse me of "hovering and making him nervous."

And, THIS is the card AFTER Jer signed it with his USUAL sentimentality and sensitivity. (Moriah chuckled, rolled her eyes, and with tongue-in-cheek, told her dad how much she LOVED the things he writes in cards.)

Ah me...and here is another look at the card front:

And, here is a photo of Moriah with her precious Morilee, taken a couple of months ago (by moi!) while waiting for Morilee's FIRST haircut! Such LOVELY girls!!

My Beautiful Daughter's birthday card - front, that is

I gave it some thought, a few minutes ago, and decided it is HIGHLY likely that I will OFTEN send THREE posts for only ONE completed card project!! Just maybe, my impatience to share my card photos (waiting until the inside is completed just does NOT happen) is actually a lightly veiled scheme to STRETCH my meager accomplishments!!

Well, if that is TRUE, then all BOTH of my followers (grin) are ONTO me, NOW!!

I entered this card in the Scrapn With Flair "October Challenge" before giving it to my daughter, tonight!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby Tiny's card envelope

I really like to make the envelopes that house my cards SPECIAL, too.

This is a photo of the baby shower card's envelope.

It is SUCH a blast combining patterns cut from steel dies and paper punches! Add a rolled paper rose made from a scrap of card stock and a rubber stamped word for a LOVELY presentation!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Inside Baby Tiny's card

I do wonder HOW "the big girls," with hundreds of followers/fans, manage to crank-out SEVERAL cards or projects each week. It's a MAJOR accomplishment for me to complete ONE!!

Onto my lil card...normally, I do not use such BRIGHT colors in a baby card, but since the gender is unknown, I chose a DARING (for me!) color palette. Though I was tempted to add green rick-rack borders above & below the inside panel, it just seemed RIGHT to me that the inside remain uncluttered. I tried my hand, again, at composing a sentiment. Since it really expresses how I feel, I'm satisfied with it. (grin)

I'll post photos of both the inside and the card front.

Hope you ladies are enjoying your weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Saturday is a baby shower for my daughter-in-law, Joy. She and my son, Taylor, have a two year-old, Kaleigh, who is EXCITED about the new baby! Taylor and Joy opted NOT to learn the baby's gender before birth -- GO FIGURE!! -- and little Kaleigh refers to the baby in her mommy's tummy as "Baby Tiny." Cute, huh?

With that as background, hopefully the whimsy of my card will make sense. (Hmmm...I keep wanting my posts to make sense! Likely, an impossibility. :)

As usual, I will post a photo of the inside when I complete the card!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

As promised, inside the Bridal card

There's really NOT that much to see because I decided, since the card front is "busy," to keep the inside simple and uncluttered. But, I stated in my former post that I would photo and upload the inside, so that is my SOLE reason for this post.

I created a sentiment with PrintMaster software, using five fonts and three text boxes, and printed in gray for a softer-than-black look, then trimmed the panel, edged it with Pink Pirouette ink from S.U.! and adhered it to the card base.

I simply MUST tell you!! Jer and I took our gifts and card to his niece in Oooklahoma City, yesterday -- and she was DELIGHTED with her card!! (It is SOOOO nice being the ONLY one in the family who makes cards!! :)

Please excuse that the card photo contains our handwritten notes, but I presented the sentiment panel to Jer for signing BEFORE adhering it to the card. (He's been known to MESS UP a completed card even though all he needs to do is write a brief message and sign, so I decided NOT to take a chance.)

And, to help this post "make sense," here is the photo, again, of the card front:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pretty In Pink BRIDAL SHOWER Card

There's an upcoming wedding in our family and a bridal shower next week! The bride's mother informed me that the wedding colors are pastel and bright pink (and white, of course). Soooo, I used those colors on the card that will accompany our gift to the couple.

I really like the dp that I layered over the card base! It's from "The Sweet Stack" by DCWV. Atop that, I made a layered focal "stack" of my own using PTI's "Mega Mat Stack 1" die, MFT's "Dainty Doily" die, and PTI's "Limitless Layers" 2 1/2 inch and 1 3/4 inch dies. A Sizzix die & emboss folder cut the leaves, and I secured a rolled paper rose to a crinkle ribbon bow. Tucked-in among the paper layers is a section of twisted white glitter wire, but it doesn't show much in the photo.

I made use of some S.U.! supplies, stamping "Best Wishes" and punching two sizes of ovals.

As seems to be my custom lately, I am sending a photo of the front BEFORE completing the inside. I think it's because I can't WAIT to get something posted on my lil blog! I mean, I want to keep BOTH of my followers HAPPY, don't I? HAHAHA!! (I really DO appreciate you ladies -- honestly. :)

I haven't decided if I should add three half-pearls -- two on the left side of the sentiment oval -- and one on the right side. Hmmm...Maybe, one of you ladies has an opinion. Do share!

And, here's my Pretty Pink Bridal Shower Card:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Early Autumn Birthday Card

Next week is my sister's birthday, so I whipped up a card for her.

The base is a pre-printed card, which had manufacturer's info. on the bottom edge that I cut off and replaced with a bit of torn, brown cardstock.

Using my newly arrived PTI Mega Mat Stack 1 die (LOVE IT!), I cut some orange cardstock and embossed it with a Cuttlebug folder, before edging it with Crumb Cake ink by S.U.

After swiping white paint on a segment of corrugated cardboard, I cross-wrapped and bow-tied it with suede colored "Ticker Tape," purchased at Hobby Lobby in the Yarn department. A Sizzix Embosslit was used twice to die-cut the brown cardstock leaves. And, the rolled rose was hand-cut from kraft "music note" paper by Paper Studio.

I think my sis will like her card! It has nice design elements, yet doesn't seem overly embellished and intended to WOW her with my skills. (I want to PLEASE her, not IMPRESS her, ya know?)

Hope I'm NOT ALONE in liking it! (grin)

Monday, August 8, 2011


My daughter, Moriah, is a FABULOUS scrapbooker (waaay outta my league), but she is NOT in the LEAST interested in creating handmade cards. *sigh* Still, I wanted her "thank you" notes to be handmade, sooooo...

I made several of a few designs for her.

They are SUPER SIMPLE (trust me, you will agree), but I think they are ALSO sweet in their simplicity! At least, that is the LOOK that I was after. (grin)

Saturday, July 30, 2011


There is a story behind the card that I made for my lil grandson, Hoyt.

A couple of weeks before my daughter gave birth to her son, Preston, she and a few other family members were discussing how the cousins, Hoyt and Preston, would grow up together.

Trey, my son and Hoyt's dad, said, "I can see it, NOW. Preston will have his Day Planner and Hoyt will have a frog in his pocket -- and they won't know what to DO with each other!!"

This first photo is of lil Hoyt. He's what our family refers to as "STINKIN' CUTE."

And, this is the Birthday card that I made for him...

The Sizzix pocket was cut twice -- once from a blue & cream plaid wallpaper segment  -- and once from a denim wallpaper segment. The #1 was cut using a PTI numeral die; the leaping frog is a sticky-back foam sticker. The wad of string is from my stash and the sentiment was created using my PrintMaster software. The card background was made using a smallish plaid acrylic stamp -- stamped repeatedly.

This was a FUN one to make!

Friday, July 22, 2011

FINALLY Made the Inside of Grandson's Card

Tomorrow is baby Preston's SHOWER, so the card was completed JUST IN TIME.

Since he arrived EARLY, it's been a hectic week. I had arranged to have OFF from work on the week that he was DUE, not two weeks BEFORE!! So, I had to work full days, then cook, take, and share dinner with Moriah and Chad on their first three nights home, just as we did when Morilee was born. (I'm NO dummy!! We get to help our daughter AND see our grandbabies!!)

Back to Preston's card...I made GOOD USE of more 3-D stickers on the inside. EASY PEASY -- and CUTE, too!! Ready for Grandpa and me to write a SPECIAL message for our lil guy!

Monday, July 18, 2011


I was placing an order with PTI when I noticed that a set of their stamps seemed to be what was used by my "mystery blogger," so I did a lil sleuthing by looking in the PTI Gallery for the stamps. And, EUREKA!! The card had been posted there!!

The blogger is the OH, SO TALENTED Debbie Olson and you can see her card HERE.

I am sure that you will agree that it is LOVELY.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

BABY CARD for my soon-to-arrive Grandson!!

First, I have to state that I am totally BUMMED. I arrived home from spending the day with my daughter, Moriah, and granddaughter, Morilee, to find that SOMEONE had used my computer while I was away and had closed-out my Firefox browser that I had minimized. AAAUGH!!!!

The reason for my frustration is that I had been inspired by a baby girl card that I'd seen on a blog and had wanted to give CREDIT on my post -- and now, I can't. Ugh. I looked and looked, in an effort to locate the woman's blog, but had no success. *sigh*

The best I can do is DESCRIBE the card...the sentiment stated, "Thank heaven for little girls" and it featured a clothesline with baby girl clothes hanging from it and, below, two sections of a "white picket fence," which I'm sure were made with a PTI die. There were pretty paper layers, an embossed oval sentiment panel, pink buttons, and lovely stitching. It really WAS inspiring!!

My "Thank heaven for little boys" card ALSO has two sections of a picket fence, though mine was cut from a long 3-D sticker. Instead of a clothesline, my card features a lawn with scattered toys -- and a sign post that I assembled using a paper punch and text made with PrintMaster software. I don't normally use LOTS of layers on my cards, but I decided to give it a whirl -- and it was GREAT FUN!!

I am sure that I will "do a lil decorating" to the inside, but I wanted to upload my work to my blog, tonight. (I can share a photo of the inside, tomorrow, when I complete the card.)

The original version was LOVELY and my version is CUTE, but CUTE WORKS FOR ME!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Son-In-Law's Birthday card!

Last year, I made Chad a "Fed-Ex" card, but he sold his fleet a few months ago, so I decided to use my new MFT "typewriter" stamp and die on this year's card. The image isn't as clear as I would like -- most likely my OWN lack of stamping expertise -- but, after several tries, I decided it was GOOD ENOUGH.

Unlike last year's card, which was very detailed, I kept THIS year's EASY & SIMPLE. Jer hadn't signed it, yet, when I took the photos, but his "John Henry" doesn't add that much to the finished product, anyway. (grin)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pretty Envelope!

I mentioned that I wished I'd included a black doily on the lime green and black bridal shower card I made this week. I comforted myself that I could use one on the card envelope -- and I did just that!

Thanks to Paper Trey Ink, I was able to create "special" with just a few papers and three of their FABULOUS steel dies!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I just was NOT satisfied with the card I made for Tyree's bridal shower! Her wedding colors are lime green and black, but her card was LACKING in the "black department." Remaking it was NOT an option (I'm not THAT OCD!), but I thought it possible to make some improvements -- and I think that I succeeded!!

Small additions, to be sure -- but, improvements that allow me to SIGN the card and SEAL the envelope!! YESSSS!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Next Saturday, I will be attending a bridal shower for the daughter of a dear friend. The bride, Tyree, is in her late 20's...owns a fashion boutique, and has a strong personal sense of "style."

The invitation that I received in the mail revealed that Tyree's wedding colors are lime green and black. (I'm SURE there will be plenty of WHITE, as well. :) The invitation featured dramatic black & white baroque design on a lime green background. to design a card for her?

I remembered viewing a video tutorial by Becca Feeken, in which she described and demonstrated how she "paper pieced" her card bases from heavy watercolor stock , in order to create a STRONG foundation for her heavily embellished cards. As I considered Tyree's tastes, I thought that my card for her might NEED a strong base, so I searched Becca's blog site, until I FINALLY found and reviewed her video. My card base was made EXACTLY as she taught!

Using a "flourish" stamp, I decorated a panel of lime green card stock, which I layered over a slightly larger panel of black stock, after rounding the bottom right corner of each. I used a Tim Holtz "hanging sign" die to punch a "wrought iron" sign hanger, from a cereal box panel, which I direct-stamped with black Staz-On ink until covered and embossed with vanilla embossing powder (in hopes of achieving an aged appearance). The white card stock sign was stamped with a "Mr. & Mrs." stamp and irregularly edged with lime green and black inks.

Attaching the hanger to the sign presented a problem because my stash does not include jewelry findings, such as are pictured in the illustrations. I tried out a number of alternate products and settled on fine silver cording that I'd purchased, months ago, at Hobby Lobby in their CHRISTmas aisle. I hid the necessary knot behind the "sign" and am satisfied, if not thrilled, with the results.

Atop the lime green card stock, I layered a panel of green & black patterned paper shaped with a Spellbinder's die. A strip of filmy green ribbon served as a "wall" to secure the hanging sign (grin) and a key, rosette, and punched butterfly completed the card front details.

The inside of the card was given a light touch, with a sentiment (stamp purchased for Tyree's card) and a puffy, black flourish sticker.

All-in-all, I am happy with the finished card, but wish that I had included a black die-cut doily behind or atop the pattern paper on the card front, to give a PUNCH of BOLD BLACK. *sigh*

Perhaps, when I purchase Tyree's gift, I can decorate the gift bag or box -- and use a die-cut black doily. (I feel BETTER, now. :)