Saturday, June 16, 2012

Colson is turning 21!!

The "21" number is TOTALLY mind-blowing to me -- gotta tell ya!

Colson HAS left me several clues, in recent months, of his growing maturity, so I REALLY shouldn't be so dumbfounded. You see, he is sporting a goatee, which must be trimmed on a DAILY basis. The result of THAT condition is that I clean a multitude of tiny, little hairs out of the bathroom sink every-single-day. (I'm thinking that the tiny hairs in the sink have taken the place of globs of toothpaste from his younger years.)

But, at least, due to the high cost of living for college students, he is STILL living with us and I am STILL given the honor of cleaning up after him. (You may THINK that is a "tongue in cheek" statement, but I know the day will come in the not-so-distant future when I will actually MISS seeing my bathroom sprinkled with the hairy evidence of his occupancy in our home! sniff)

Before I TOTALLY lose it, here is a photo of the birthday card that I made for my dear, darling son. I enjoyed myself IMMENSELY on this one! I love making masculine cards -- using kraft card stock -- corrugated cardboard strips -- office-type papers -- and twine!