Thursday, May 10, 2012

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Card for my Mom!

Mom and I celebrated HER DAY early, during our weekly Ladies' Night Out, last night. With FIVE children of my own, I need to be "available" on Sunday! (grin)

Here is the card I made for her. It made ME happy to see how it turned out! The design is pretty obvious -- top flap is secured by the layered tag beneath and ribbons tie at the top. One length is messy stitch-secured on the tag and the other is looped and pierced/secured with an "antique" brad on the card back. (The prongs are covered with a torn strip of paper secured on the inside of the card.)

Mom went ON & ON about the card. (Such a GOOD mother!!)


I am rather pleased (grin) with Roy's birthday card, this year. It's simple and has a "dirty," masculine look. (I can't really explain why I think "dirty" is a desired -- and masculine -- look!)

All supplies are Stampin' Up! this time.