Sunday, September 18, 2011

As promised, inside the Bridal card

There's really NOT that much to see because I decided, since the card front is "busy," to keep the inside simple and uncluttered. But, I stated in my former post that I would photo and upload the inside, so that is my SOLE reason for this post.

I created a sentiment with PrintMaster software, using five fonts and three text boxes, and printed in gray for a softer-than-black look, then trimmed the panel, edged it with Pink Pirouette ink from S.U.! and adhered it to the card base.

I simply MUST tell you!! Jer and I took our gifts and card to his niece in Oooklahoma City, yesterday -- and she was DELIGHTED with her card!! (It is SOOOO nice being the ONLY one in the family who makes cards!! :)

Please excuse that the card photo contains our handwritten notes, but I presented the sentiment panel to Jer for signing BEFORE adhering it to the card. (He's been known to MESS UP a completed card even though all he needs to do is write a brief message and sign, so I decided NOT to take a chance.)

And, to help this post "make sense," here is the photo, again, of the card front:

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  1. love the 5 different fonts on this, deb! i never think to do that and i really like that look!