Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Little Valentine Fun!

I assembled some Valentine goody bags for my grandchildren with candies, Little Debbie snacks, and small toys and gifts. Instead of making Valentine cards for them, I made tags that I just popped into the bags.

Before going to dinner, Jer and I delivered the bags to the homes of our three grown children and enjoyed watching our granddarlins DIG IN. Pure satisfaction!!

Here are photos of the tags I made and the goody bags, ready for delivery. (Well, almost ready. We had to shop a couple of stores to get more candy and a few more toys. I just took a pair of scissors with me -- a good move.)


My daughter, Moriah, simply LOVES to shop at local thrift stores! Her current passion is to find "like new" educational toys for her children and to scavenge for "treasures" for personal use.

Last week, as we left my driveway for our FRIDAY TOGETHER time, I mentioned that I would like to check out a store or two with her. Moriah was SO excited for she had planned to suggest it, herself! My interest was to find materials that I could use in card making -- lace, ribbons, old books, etc.

Well, I am HAPPY! HAPPY! to share that my lil shopping expedition was a TOTAL SUCCESS!! Here are photos of the items I found and how I plan to use them:

This first photo is of a package containing (mostly) lace and trims that cost around $6.00!! Before using, I will place all in a mesh laundry bag and run it through the washer and dryer. (It smells nice and fresh, though.)

The second photo is of fabric remnants from which I plan to make rolled and yo-yo flowers, and perhaps, torn strips for (kraft paper) gift wrapping. (After laundering, of course.)

Next, is a photo of a pkg. of artificial flowers. Some are really BIG, so will likely be mounted on gift-wrapped packages in lieu of bows, and on envelopes containing handmade cards. Lysol sprayed, first. (I know...I'm a weee bit OCD, but I want to be able to ENJOY my purchases, ya know?)

I found some nicely aged books! Aged, but NOT musty smelling -- very important. It TOTALLY goes against my nature (and my mother's training) to tear-out pages, but I plan to just grit-my-teeth and DO it. I could photocopy the pages for use in making cards, but I am RESISTING that urge. (grin)

I am ESPECIALLY tickled about finding the pictorial dictionary -- can envision cutting portions that feature the first letter of children's names -- and the music book. I'm chuckling to myself at the thought of using a page from the "Dry Bones" song on my sister's next birthday card! HAHAHAHA!!! (Don't worry...I wouldn't DARE.)

I am hoping that Moriah WILL NOT want to make thrift store shopping a REGULAR on our itinerary or I could VERY LIKELY morph into a bona fide HOARDER. YIKES!!! But, she was SO tickled that I would go with her -- I could never disappoint her by refusing. (See how skillfully I managed to "shift the blame" to her, when I really SHOULD be able to exhibit a measure of self-control. But, there IS an addictive adrenaline surge that results from successful garage sale, thrift store, ebay (and on-site auction) shopping!! Don't ask how I know this...grin.

But, I bought some REALLY GOOD STUFF, right?? Now, I only need to remember to USE it.