Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As seems to be my USUAL response, I was simply NOT satisfied with Sherry's birthday card from yesterday's post. Something about the LEAVES just seemed OFF.

So, a few minutes ago, I browsed through my past postings and came upon a card that used a Martha Stewart "twig" punch. EUREKA!! I just KNEW some twigs would make ALL the difference in my newest card -- and I DO believe that I was right!! (grin)

Here's the NEW & IMPROVED version...

And, here is the inside which I kept simple, using a smaller corrugated die-cut heart with centered jewel.

Okay. I'm happy, now.


  1. perfection! adds depth to the flower:) this fab card IS publication worthy:)

  2. Lynn, your encouragement means SO MUCH to me!!

    THANK YOU for your KIND responses to my creative efforts!!

  3. Yes! you are so right about that Deb, the twigs really did add that punch ( hehe) that was needed.

  4. hope your xmas is wonderful, deb!

  5. Thanks MUCH, Lynn!!

    Our children and grandchildren just left -- all except our twenty year-old son who lives with us. All the dishes have been washed, spills mopped, and the vacuum run. The only sounds I hear are my husband talking to the dog and the click-click of our dachshund's nails on the wood floor.

    It was a LOVELY evening and our home was FILLED TO ITS EAVES with the shrieks of excited children and proud young parents attempting to keep their little ones corralled. We've been BLESSED, indeed!

    I hope that your CHRISTmas was SPECIAL, too! (Thanks for thinking of me. :)