Saturday, July 30, 2011


There is a story behind the card that I made for my lil grandson, Hoyt.

A couple of weeks before my daughter gave birth to her son, Preston, she and a few other family members were discussing how the cousins, Hoyt and Preston, would grow up together.

Trey, my son and Hoyt's dad, said, "I can see it, NOW. Preston will have his Day Planner and Hoyt will have a frog in his pocket -- and they won't know what to DO with each other!!"

This first photo is of lil Hoyt. He's what our family refers to as "STINKIN' CUTE."

And, this is the Birthday card that I made for him...

The Sizzix pocket was cut twice -- once from a blue & cream plaid wallpaper segment  -- and once from a denim wallpaper segment. The #1 was cut using a PTI numeral die; the leaping frog is a sticky-back foam sticker. The wad of string is from my stash and the sentiment was created using my PrintMaster software. The card background was made using a smallish plaid acrylic stamp -- stamped repeatedly.

This was a FUN one to make!


  1. he is really stickin cute, deb:) and so is his card! love how you fit it to your sons comment, too:) enjoy your sunday!

  2. AWWWW Deb he really is oh so cute!!! love his smile :)
    and the card you made is also cute I really like it!! you've done good

  3. Oh, he is a cutie! Love that pocket card. The frog is super cute. :o) Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!