Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Birthday Card for my 30 year-old son!!

My Trey-Trey is THIRTY!! (I absolutely NEVER use his old nickname now that he's an adult, but I'm a bit nostalgic for my lil fella...sniff.)

Since Trey's passion is deer hunting, I made an appropriately themed card. Son #3, Colson, was of the opinion that I should include a BULL'S EYE on the deer graphic. Ugh!! I-DON'T-THINK-SO!!! I just featured a handsome buck with NO reference to shooting him!

I penned a lil prayer for Trey which I used as the inside sentiment. As a husband and father, he has many demands on his time and I thought it a "timely" reminder for him to choose that which is GOOD over that which is simply FUN. (He makes the determination. Heaven FORBID that I should PREACH!! grin)

In addition to his card and gift, I made him a batch of his FAVORITE sweets -- chocolate no-bake cookies!! He told Colson, "Nobody makes 'em as good as Mom!" Aaaaw!!! Too sweet! (And, a GREAT way to get future batches!)

Here are photos of his card...


  1. hope his day was great! i know he loved the cute card:) my son has a bday on friday--#35!--i'm getting soooo old!

  2. Deb, a very appropriate card for a hunter, nice job! Did you print the sentiment from the computer? It seems to fit perfectly. Is the compass a sticker?
    I wish I could have one of your cookies :(
    Happy Birthday Trey!

  3. Lynn, Trey's older brother, Taylor, and his wife, gave birth to a son on Trey's birthday, so he was pretty happy about that!

    My eldest turned 35 in October, so I know how you feel! Seems that should be MY age. (grin)

  4. Donna, yes...I used PrintMaster for the inside sentiment.

    The compass IS a sticker. Hoped it served as a graphic representation of the message I was sharing.

    I wish that I could serve some of my no-bakes on a plate to ya, too! (My secret is that I add waaay more peanut butter than is called for in the recipe...ssshhhh...don't tell. :)