Thursday, December 29, 2011


My mom LOVES my paper crafts, so I try to make her something for EVERY major occasion.

She is a TRUE ARTISAN, not just a hobbyist, as am I. Mom has created BEAUTIFUL ceramic pieces, pencil portrait drawings, hand painted boxes, plaques, signs, furniture, coat racks -- sooo many things! My home is FILLED with her crafts and with antique furniture that she has restored! (When setting up my home, I had the GOOD SENSE to purchase from her shop rather than to buy "new stuff" from local stores.)

Mom knows that I never-EVER want her to buy me gifts for CHRISTmas and birthdays! Instead, I ask her to "make me something," or, now, to "give me something that she has already made." A CHRISTmas neared, Mom asked, "Deb, what do you want for CHRISTmas?" to which I answered, "Whatchu GOT?!!!" We both laughed and laughed, then went on a "house tour" until I settled on a smallish rustic vintage bench that she had restored years before. Though it was "earmarked" to be part of my inheritance, I decided that I would like it NOW, so it is nestled on the floor near my antique pie safe -- PERFECTLY at home!

Back to Mom...she does FABULOUS needlework, having embroidered blankets for each of her grandchildren and many of her great-grandchildren. Though her hands are now crippled with arthritis and she is unable to paint, she just completed a GORGEOUS embroidered baby blanket for a grown granddaughter who has not, yet, become a mother. Mom knew that she would not be alive for the baby's birth, so made a blanket "in advance." It was a true LABOR OF LOVE.

My talents are MEAGER (an understatement of GREAT proportion) in comparison to my mom's, yet she admires my paper crafting efforts. Too sweet.

Knowing that she loves birds, I kept that in mind while making her 2012 Paper Bag Calendar and many of the pages feature owls, sparrows -- birds of all kinds. (Did I mention that she ALSO bakes?? And was a TERRIFIC seamstress??? HA!!)

Here are a few photos of her calendar book:


  1. Deb I love how you are such a story teller. You have such a way with words. I just LOVE to read what you write :) You really do have the gift! I also think that you have a special gift in your paper crafting. I know your mother will love her special calendar. You have filled it with items that SHE holds close to her heart. I feel you have done a wonderful job here girl!

  2. what a treasure it must have been growing up with such a talented mom! her calendar book is awesome, deb:) and i agree with donna--i love to read your posts--you write them beautifully!

  3. I was TOTALLY in awe of her. Still am, actually.

    I will TRY not to let your and Donna's compliments GO TO MY HEAD! (grin)

    Thank you, Lynn ~