Saturday, July 16, 2011

BABY CARD for my soon-to-arrive Grandson!!

First, I have to state that I am totally BUMMED. I arrived home from spending the day with my daughter, Moriah, and granddaughter, Morilee, to find that SOMEONE had used my computer while I was away and had closed-out my Firefox browser that I had minimized. AAAUGH!!!!

The reason for my frustration is that I had been inspired by a baby girl card that I'd seen on a blog and had wanted to give CREDIT on my post -- and now, I can't. Ugh. I looked and looked, in an effort to locate the woman's blog, but had no success. *sigh*

The best I can do is DESCRIBE the card...the sentiment stated, "Thank heaven for little girls" and it featured a clothesline with baby girl clothes hanging from it and, below, two sections of a "white picket fence," which I'm sure were made with a PTI die. There were pretty paper layers, an embossed oval sentiment panel, pink buttons, and lovely stitching. It really WAS inspiring!!

My "Thank heaven for little boys" card ALSO has two sections of a picket fence, though mine was cut from a long 3-D sticker. Instead of a clothesline, my card features a lawn with scattered toys -- and a sign post that I assembled using a paper punch and text made with PrintMaster software. I don't normally use LOTS of layers on my cards, but I decided to give it a whirl -- and it was GREAT FUN!!

I am sure that I will "do a lil decorating" to the inside, but I wanted to upload my work to my blog, tonight. (I can share a photo of the inside, tomorrow, when I complete the card.)

The original version was LOVELY and my version is CUTE, but CUTE WORKS FOR ME!!


  1. Oh Deb the card is just gorgeous! I love how you have the toys falling over :) you really did do a super job! and I know how special this little boy will be for your family.How exciting to have another grandchild on the way.

  2. You won't BELIEVE, Donna!!

    Preston is HERE!! He was born at 5:33 a.m., at 5 lb. 5 oz. and 18 1/2 in. long.

    Moriah's labor was SO fast that a pack of nurses had to deliver Preston! The doc arrived a few minutes LATE.

    He looks like a male version of Morilee, which translates to...he looks like his daddy's family, rather than ours -- but, he's ADORABLE!!

    Moriah is tired and in a bit of pain, but she is doing WONDERFULLY! Preston is "rooming in" and is being nursed, so I can only HOPE that Moriah will get some rest tonight.

    Moriah has informed me that I'd better "get with" Preston's paper bag mini-album, so his early arrival OBVIOUSLY didn't exempt me from that obligation. (It's SWEET that Moriah feels the one I made for Morilee is SPECIAL and wants one for Preston.)

    I'll post some photos SOON ~

  3. oh, a big congrats to you and your family, deb! be sure to share a pic! now, your card is ready to go and cute as a button! darling dino and robot!

  4. Congratulations to you and yours! Grandchildren are just the best. What an adorable little boy card...putting the toys on their sides is just plain inspired.