Saturday, March 24, 2012


Christie, who is married to our second (of three) sons, Trey, turned 28 years-old, yesterday. Beside a gift card (her hubby states that new clothes are in order), Jer and I will enjoy some GRANDDARLINS TIME with Abigail and lil Hoyt, so that Trey can take his sweet wife out this evening.

I have introduced Abigail to card making, which she LOVES, so plan to have a little "kit" for her to enjoy tonight. Papa and Hoyt will just have to enjoy some "guy time," while Abigail and I create!

Here is Christie's card.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

NOT your Everyday Label for File Box

(This is my second post, today. Scroll down to see pics of my granddaughter's birthday card.)

I started a new job on Thursday!! After seventeen years of running a childcare biz in my home, I envisioned a different life and a different job -- and those changes are taking place!

For years and years, good friends, Ken & Sherry, have bantered with me regarding my quitting childcare and working for Ken. Well, last summer, while having dinner with Sherry, I surprised the BOTH of us by deciding to quit childcare!! I took four months to "make it happen" and gave my clients two months' notice -- and my last day of care was October 13th.

Nearly five months later, on March 07, I began working for Ken in a temporary capacity -- as his secretary at our local YMCA! Ken's secretary of many years is fighting cancer and while she is undergoing surgery and recovery, I am filling-in. Since I am HAPPY to be retired and am, also, HAPPY to work for Ken, it's a SUPER arrangement!! When I am no longer needed, I'll just come back home!

Unfortunately, on my first day, I discovered that there were NO written instructions for how to DO the MANY clerical tasks that the job entails, so there's a bit MORE stress than necessary. But, I decided to CHANGE the situation. I rummaged around the office and found an unused (though, decidedly ugly) over-sized black, plastic index card box and I am going to develop a step-by-step record of how to get things done! I plan to label the dividers "DAILY;" "WEEKLY;" "MONTHLY," and "PERIODICALLY." With this system, I should be able to adequately organize and record the HOW-TO's of my tasks!

Today, I was thinking about that ugly plastic box. Even though I scrubbed and scraped it, there remained remnants of a former label that just would NOT come off. (I have "Goo Gone" at home, but didn't think to bring the box home with me on Friday.) I decided to use my paper crafting supplies and make a NEW label, with separate paper flower for strategic placement over the old residue! I even made my own index dividers, adding a bit of color (for the FUN of it).

I think it will make me HAPPY to have a little "crafty something" on my desk!!

Here's what I made "for the office." (grin) My label for the front of the ugly black plastic index box:

And, here are the handmade index dividers:

Now that I'm a "working girl," I guess there will be NO MORE blog surfing at 1:00 a.m.!! sniff

Morilee's 2nd Birthday Card!

Yesterday was my lil granddaughter, Morilee's, second birthday. Goodness!! Two years have gone by SO quickly!! Morilee LOVES Sesame Street, especially Abby Cadabby and Elmo, so her Mommy used a Sesame Street theme for her party decorations, cake, and cupcakes. Even, her baby brother wore an Elmo-themed outfit to her party! Naturally, Grandma Debra had to, LIKEWISE, theme Morilee's birthday card!

If I'd had my "act" more together, I'd have used more frou-frou, but I came OUT of retirement and started a new job this week, so time and energy were in short supply. (More about THAT another time.) Of course, I should have made the card in advance of need, but that would have been WAY too organized and, dare I say? SMART!! Soooo, I whipped out a card that contained some elements that I'd envisioned, but fell short on the WOWSER factor that I'd hoped to attain. Ah well.

At least, it was handmade, RIGHT??!!! (grin)

I recently purchased a large Sizzix die to use on my granddarlins' birthday cards (starting with Morilee's). My thought was that I could cut-out the balloon in different solid colors for each child's card and use it for the sentiment/signature panel (and an EASY-PEASY design element) on the inside. And, that actually worked!! SURPRISE!!

Note: The photo makes the purple twine look eerily HAIRY, but IRL, it is just a little fuzzy.

All-in-all, not a bad card. (And, I really DO like the balloon die, so it will get LOTS of use!)

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Simple "Thank You, Friend" Card

My birthday was a month ago, but due to health reasons, my dear friend, Sherry, and I were unable to celebrate it until last Thursday, when she invited me to her home for a Ladies' Night. Her husband, Ken, picked up two orders of smoked chicken & greens salad (with EXTRA ranch dressing, if you please!) for our dinner and Sherry opened a bottle of Pinot Noir wine for us to share -- to the LAST DROP! (And, a second bottle was gifted to me for take-home. :)

Following dinner and a loooong chat, we invited Ken to join us for a movie. Afterward, Ken retired for the night and Sherry and I continued our visit until I slipped out after 1:00 a.m. YIKES!!! (I can't HELP that we get together SO rarely, it's DIFFICULT to part company!!)

Below is a photo of the "thank you" card that I made for Sherry and will put in tomorrow's mail. I hope she likes it!