Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Birthday Card for Sherry!

Yesterday was my friend, Sherry's, birthday -- and I had a GRAND time making her card! (Cleaning the horrific mess I made -- not so much.)

Not long ago, I was at Sherry's home and she was showing me the special massage setup that she created in two rooms of her home for "Raindrop" treatments that she gives as a ministry/business. She uses essential oils produced by a company known as "Young Living" which owns its own herb and plant farms and distills its own oils. (I have become a distributor -- and USER -- of the oils and they are AMAZING!!)

She has a professional massage table and the most SOOTHING & RELAXING environment imaginable -- and the WONDERFUL oils scents!! Aaaaah!!!

When showing me how she had organized her client records, she pulled out a large BLACK plastic file box! DEJA VOUS!! (Remember the black file box that I scavenged at work and for which I crafted a decorative front panel??) I knew IMMEDIATELY that I would create a pretty panel for HER file box -- and I made one as an "extra" birthday gift for her.

                                                              Sherry's birthday card

                                                                   inside Sherry's card

                                                 decorative panel for Sherry's black file box

Last year, I crafted Sherry a mini-legal pad "holder" and since she is using it in her "massage haven," I chose materials for her file box panel that would coordinate with it. (Maybe now, she'll not hide the file box in a cabinet! grin)

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Today is my daughter-in-law, Joy's, birthday, so yesterday afternoon was spent making her an "autumn" birthday card. I've written SEVERAL times, and it remains true, that I am the S-L-O-W-E-S-T cardmaker in existence!! But, I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I crafted while watching an old chick flick -- "Sabrina" with Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear.

Friday, I had extra work hours for the week, so left the office over an hour early to begin my evening with my daughter and her two youngsters. Well, Moriah wanted to run by a local thrift shop and it is THERE that I discovered a supply of old VHS movies! (I have a VHS player in my craft room, so was tickled to buy several titles!!) Soooo, truth be told, I invested as much time watching the movie as I did crafting Joy's card, but it was a relaxing and pleasurable experience.

Now, about the card...I used several manufacturer's dies and punches, as has become my habit. The leaf was made with an oldie-but-goodie Sizzix die (I doodled the veins with a stylus); Paper Trey Ink made the die used for the mat; Simon Says Stamp produced the sentiment panel. Stampin' Up!'s Word Window punch was used for the itty-bitty sentiment -- and, a Sizzix embossing folder produced the wood grain panel.

The kraft card base was not perfectly folded -- the front didn't "meet" the back, so I just trimmed it back MORE and added lace along the cut edge. When the card is open, the pretty lace can be seen -- I like that.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

HAPPY 7th to Abigail and Emilie!

My sweet granddaughter, Abigail, turned seven years-old this week and her BESTEST turned seven LAST week, so the girls celebrated together with one BIG party!

When making their cards, I kept in mind that little girls COMPARE endlessly, so I made their cards very similar -- just alternating dominant/supportive paper patterns and changing element placements.

I think they were pleased and BOTH felt special!

Moriah's 36th Birthday!!

WOW! That just does NOT seem possible! I mean, thirty-six should be MY age! Ha!

My dear daughter is a girlie girl, so I put "pretty" into the design of her card.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

While the Boss was Away...

My boss treated his wife to a Eureka Springs trip for their 34th anniversary, so I took 1 1/2 days to build my stash of altered Y cards. I joked awhile back about the possibility of discovering a supply of these "former logo" cards --well, I found a LARGE stack -- but at least, there wasn't a CLOSET FULL. :)

Fourteen cards were made last Wednesday from 1:30-5:30 p.m. Eighteen cards were made the next day for a total of THIRTY-TWO cards!! I didn't take individual photos of them -- just a nice "group" shot. (grin)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Altered Y "Thank You" Card

My boss mentioned to me yesterday that he needed to send a "thank you" card to someone, so I told him that I would alter one of the old Y cards for him and bring it to work, today. I had been thinking that I should make other kinds of cards!

This is the card I made last night. It uses many of the same elements as my "condolence cards," but is cheery and not too fancy-shmancy for a man to send. The little flowers are adhesive-backed and were the last elements I added to the card. I decided that I didn't like the "floating in air" look of 'em, so I used a journaling pen and drew some stems and leaves. Not bad. Not bad, at all.

And, Ken really LIKED it! (Plus, he sent another of my "condolence cards," today.) I am adding a few embellishments from my stash to my latest cards, but they are still simple and inexpensive to make. At some point, I may request some kind of recompense for my card making -- some supplies or a new tool, perhaps, but for now I am just happy to be paid with a big smile and a compliment. (grin)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The YMCA brochure I designed!

My scan wasn't perfectly straight, but my second attempt wasn't any straighter than the first (likely because the brochure has creases from being folded), so it will just have to do.

On the front is a photo of my daughter-in-law, Joy, and her two children, Kaleigh and Kamdyn. It was this photo that I "doctored." The center (back) photo shows Kaleigh playing in the Y nursery. The CEO, Ken Rapp, and a sweet member are featured on another panel -- and a little boy who was enrolled in the Y Day Camp (mama signed a release form) was photographed during a group swim lesson.

Below is the "original" photo. Can you compare and see the results of my photo surgery?? I removed a window sticker that seemed attached to Kamdyn's head...removed a bruise from Joy's leg (you're welcome, Joy :)...straightened the mats in several places...and removed a tiny window sticker that peeked between Joy's waist and arm. Kaleigh was PERFECT -- no touch-ups needed!! (grin)

The brochure is being mailed to several hundred prospects and business professionals in our community, so I was TICKLED that Ken allowed me to use my own family members as models! It made the project LOTS more fun than it would have been had I just recruited unknown YMCA members or used stock pictures from the national Y website.

Monday, August 6, 2012

You've heard of the "Song that has no end?" Well...

Creating altered YMCA condolence cards ALSO seems to have no end in sight! I'll be making them as long as the supply of old cards holds out. Wouldn't it be FUNNY if there were BOXES of them in a storage closet??!! HAHA!!

Perhaps, when I've FINALLY depleted the inventory, my boss will give me freedom to order some replacement cards with the NEW logo! If that happens, I'll keep 'em simple and leave blank space for "special touches" to be added, as time allows. In the works is some "formal stationery" that I recommended be made, but my initial design didn't meet Y "Branding" regulations, so I had to table the idea until I have time to READ ALL ABOUT logo rules. Fun, fun. (grin)

Here are two altered cards I made tonight which I will take to work tomorrow.

I kinda LIKE these!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Still MORE Altered YMCA Condolence Cards (a looong post)

My boss has used four of my altered cards in recent days -- very gratifying that he requests them of me and thanks me for making them -- and I've been using evening "TV time" in my little craft room to replenish the supply. Because I am using the Y's premade "former logo and tagline" cards and envelopes, with only a few of my own supplies, the cost is LOW, while the satisfaction of meeting a need is HIGH.

As a reminder of what I'm working with, here is a photo of an original card that serves as the base:

And, here are altered cards that I made this week:

And these:

(Funny how the camera angle makes some cards look big and others small, when they are all the same size.) I think that I'd like the last card on the left MORE if I'd edged the white "Thinking of you" die-cut with black ink. I'll remember that for next time. :) I don't think that I can improve on using the Sizzix Top Note die to cover the old Y logo -- surely makes it easy-peasy to just add a few elements and "call 'er DONE!"

Speaking of the Y, I learned a couple of NEW TO ME processes this week!! I am working on a MAJOR project for which I ordered and received special stationery and envelopes, and I composed a half-dozen "form" letters that are to be mailed as individual "personal" letters. Composing is my STRONG SUIT, but I have NO experience working with data bases in Excel (took an online Excel course through my local Vo-Tech before applying for my job, to acquire a nodding acquaintance with the program), so as the letters neared the "need-to-be-merged with names/addresses/salutations" stage, I felt a bit of apprehension about my ability to pull it off. I'd entered all the data in the Excel workbooks, just guessing at the proper format and hoping that I'd done it correctly -- and Thursday, IT WAS TIME TO MERGE. (Gulp)

A young woman who just joined our clerical staff last month stated that she had used Microsoft Word and Excel data bases, at a former job, to address envelopes (my boss wants a more formal look than labels produce) and she would show me the steps to print personal envelopes using my Excel workbooks -- YAAAH!!! Well, thankfully, she has a determined will because the details of the process were blurry for her. We both took an hour to TRY OUT various steps, when she exclaimed from her desk that she'd FINALLY discovered a way that worked!! WOO HOO!!

Using the Word "Mail Merge Wizard for envelopes," I printed several hundred envelopes for the various mail-outs that must be sent next week. That was Thursday. Yesterday, Friday, being "smarter than the average bear," I thought it possible to use the SAME PROCESS -- only for LETTERS -- to merge my compositions with the same Excel workbooks and produce the personalized letters that were required -- and GUESS WHAT?? IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY!!!

By day's end, I had ALL of the various Stage One letters merged and printed and had stuffed several hundred envelopes with their matching letters!! YAAAH ME!! (grin) Next week, I will have to include in the envelopes a new brochure and "response card" that I designed and are, now, at the printer, and "return envelopes" on which I must affix U.S. stamps -- and the letters SHOULD be in the mail by their Friday deadline!! (Just HOPE that the printer gets the brochures and cards completed by Wednesday, at the latest.)

OH!! One more lil tidbit that may be of boss put me in charge of setting-up a photo session to get photos for the new brochure, so I recruited my pretty (and Y member) daughter-in-law, Joy, and her two adorable lil sweeties, to meet with the photographer at the Y and take some shots. I had several poses in mind and we tried them all, then I chose FOUR photos to use (two with my family members) -- and emailed them to the printer, along with the rough draft of my brochure design.

I had to MAJORLY touch-up a photo before sending them. Using "Paint," which is NOT a sophisticated program, I managed to remove a sign that appeared "attached" to baby Kamdyn's head -- not good...remove a bruise from Joy's leg..."straighten" two entry mats that have seen a lil wear on the edges -- and remove another little sign from the background, so the photo would be CLEAN. All I had to do on the other shots was to crop -- THANK GOODNESS.

The brochure will have a photo of my boss and a sweet, elderly Y member; a boy who is swimming in the pool, and either a solo shot of my granddaughter AND/OR the "mom and darlins" group shot that I tweaked -- all shots that I planned with the photographer!! VERY CHALLENGING tasks, but ones that I took SERIOUSLY and gave my BEST effort! (When the brochure is completed, I should be free to share photos on my blog, so will post pics of my dear ones -- maybe, even BEFORE & AFTER photos of the group shot.)

Thanks for tolerating my lil PERSONAL account, for my work at the Y is, now, a BIG part of my life!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

(Stinkin' cute!) Hoyt's 2nd Birthday card

Yesterday was my lil grandson, Hoyt's, 2nd birthday and he was TRULY & TOTALLY ADORABLE!! My mom (great-grandma) and I sat together and laughed through the entire gift-opening event. OOOH MY GOSH!! The only word that comes to mind which somewhat describes the lil guy's reaction to every-single-gift is "DELIGHTED!" Hoyt is normally reserved -- almost stoic. And, he was still QUIET and IN-CONTROL, but when he unwrapped his packages, his face expressed -- yes, it's the only word that will suffice -- DELIGHT!! His eyes crinkled...his mouth had either the BIGGEST grin OR formed a perfect "OH!!!" of excitement and glee!! Mom and I agreed that we'd seen LOTS of lil birthday boys and girls throughout the years, but NONE who sweetly responded to EVERY gift, one-after-the-other! I'm grinning, just thinking about it.

Grandpa and I got Hoyt a Little Tikes basketball and goal (and some Nerf shooters -- he's ALL boy) and I used a "basketball theme" on his card, which features a Hugware clipart bear purchased a few years ago -- and a black & white basketball goal graphic that I dug-up from my digi files. The sentiments were made with PrintMaster software, the numeral two made with a PTI die from paper that I hand-striped, and my Sizzix balloon die got more action for the inside. The basketballs on the balloon were digis from my files that I cut-out with a 1 3/8" circle punch -- perfect size. The "wish" sentiment was made with a stamp. All very clean and direct -- no muss/no fuss -- just like lil Hoyt.

I had no envelopes large enough for the card, so I used some checked paper and made one using this tutorial as a guide (scroll down the page).

Monday, July 16, 2012


After completing my grandson's first birthday card, I still wanted to create, so I decided to tackle some more YMCA card conversions. These converted cards need to be SIMPLE and CHEAP to make. Well, I just don't know HOW one could make them more cheaply than these last three!

Again, here is a photo of an original note card that can no longer be used since they feature a former logo and byline.
My continuing task is to USE the "forbidden" cards to MAKE cards that are USEFUL -- and do it with almost NO out-of-pocket expense. As before, I used panels from the "old" cards to create new card fronts. I made use of the red and black color scheme and simply die-cut shapes, stamped and edged them with ink, then adhered them in place. I slipped off to bed at 1:00 a.m. thinking I'd completed three cards. But, this morning, before taking the cards to work, I decided that adding some lil die cut butterflies would be the FINISHING touch, so I put my Sizzix to quick use and cut 'n embossed a few butterflies -- and added them to the cards.

Here are BEFORE AND AFTER shots:

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Moriah likes to "do themes" for her children's birthdays -- and the theme for Preston's first birthday is "CIRCUS." I am sure, knowing her as I do, that the birthday decor will be PHENOMENAL!! (No, she didn't get her "over the top" party enthusiasm from her mother -- but I surely enjoy observing the PURE THRILL that her children feel at Party Time!)

I made a LARGE card for our lil guy -- and will likely have to use wrapping paper to construct an envelope to fit it. Preston's party is Monday night, so I'll make the envie tomorrow.

Grandpa and I will write our messages "in the grass," so I left some "sparse" area for that purpose. I used my PrintMaster software for the balloon sentiments and the banner on the front, then used a Sizzix die to cut the balloon shapes. After we sign, I may add some 3-D "circus animal" stickers to the inside. We'll see.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wedding card for co-worker

A young lady, who works the front desk at the Y, invited me to her "Adult Ladies Only" slumber party/wedding shower to be held this weekend. (EEEEK!!!!)

I didn't check-out the online site where I could order such lovelies as edible lotion and undergarments. Ummm...OBVIOUSLY, she doesn't know me. But, it's NICE to be included -- right?!!!

When I mentioned to a co-worker that I intended to make her a card and put some money in it -- and give it to her at work, she asked if the card could be from us BOTH and she would ALSO include some cash. Suuuuuure! No problem.

Here is the card I made which I will present tomorrow. I made GOOD USE of some dies, an edger, and some strips of lace that I bought at a thrift shop several weeks ago. I photographed the card immediately after completion and the glue was still wet -- sorry 'bout that. It DID dry.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Hayley and her husband, Austin, are expecting their FIRST child in less than a month. Hayley is the eldest daughter of my husband, Jer's, baby sister, Cami. (I'll wait while you figure it out.)

Last weekend, I attended a baby shower and, of course, a handmade card was in order! The invitation stated that little Audree Camille's nursery colors are pink, lime green, and brown, so I designed the card accordingly. I used a kraft card base and chose cheery paper colors and patterns. Though I have a jar stamp/die set, I used a larger jar stamp and just hand-cut it. (Twice on the lid.)

I gave the kraft envelope a lil attention, too...

And, the gift wrapping...

The mother-to-be is carrying her baby JUST as her own mother carried HERS. From behind, one can't even tell that Hayley is pregnant -- and from the front, it looks as though she just stuck a volleyball under her shirt! AMAZING to me since I became GI-NORMOUS with EACH of my five pregnancies!


As I considered making Mom's birthday card for this year, I was drawn to have a FORMAL design, so chose "heavy" paper and a new, large stamp by Stampin' Up. I used "Tangerine Tango" for the stamped image, then toned down the orange by scrubbing over it with "Crumb Cake" ink on a sponge, creating an uneven and non-uniform shaded effect. Better.

More "Crumb Cake" ink was scrubbed over the lace for it was just too pristine for my taste. I wondered if the lace treatment might "bug" Mom a bit, as I trimmed it BEYOND the edges of the card (but, if it did, she made no indication). When it came to adding a flower/bow, I had a change of heart and decided to add a lil whimsy to the formal look, so made a messy flower from pages of an old book and layered it over a kraft paper punched flower.

When I "GROW UP" as a card maker, I hope to accomplish REAL layering -- I've only successfully accomplished it a couple of times -- but, until then, SIMPLE will just HAVE to suffice. At least, I make the effort at handmade, right??

Jer's 2012 Birthday card

I kept his card SIMPLE since Jer's not "into" frou-frou of any kind. (He's ALL ABOUT heartfelt messages written IN his cards, though. I felt especially BLESSED by his life, this year, so my message to him was GOOOOD...grin.)

Friday, July 6, 2012


All YMCA's are using new logos and bylines and everything with the former are being phased out, including signs, t-shirts -- all kinds of items. Hold that thought.

A few weeks ago, I suggested to my boss, the CEO, that he might want to send personalized condolence cards to Y patrons upon the death of family members. I suggested to him that I could make simple, handmade cards -- and he asked me to make a few as samples.

Well, I remembered seeing a supply of note cards that featured the former YMCA logo and I determined to "tweak" them into service as updated condolence cards.

Here's a photo of the OLD card.

My first effort was to TOTALLY cover the card front, using a card stock panel with a digital flower and digital sentiment. Not bad, but it didn't ring any bells for me. Ho-hum.

For my second attempt, I realized that the signature and title on the former cards could be salvaged. It was just the logo and byline that were outdated. So, I used my Sizzix "Top Note" die and cut shapes from black and red floral paper; trimmed them to fit, and added easy-peasy banners using red card stock strips to cover remnants of the old logo peeking from beneath the patterned paper. I sacrificed a premade card by stamping the sentiment on the inside sections of the front and back; then, oval-punched and adhered the sentiment on the refurbished card fronts. Some of the cards got rounded-corner treatment and others were left as-is.

My boss was QUITE impressed (grin) and upon seeing them, IMMEDIATELY asked if he could have one for he NEEDED to send a condolence card! (The one I gave him is not pictured, as I forgot to photo them until AFTER presenting them to my boss.)

As time permits, I will make new/different designs, but I think the oval-cut sentiment will be used for them ALL. It seems perfectly suited for use by a Christian organization.

It really pleases me to use my creative hobby to enhance my position at the Y. (By the way, I have been "upgraded" from the title of Executive Secretary to Administrative Assistant! How 'bout that?? grin)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Colson is turning 21!!

The "21" number is TOTALLY mind-blowing to me -- gotta tell ya!

Colson HAS left me several clues, in recent months, of his growing maturity, so I REALLY shouldn't be so dumbfounded. You see, he is sporting a goatee, which must be trimmed on a DAILY basis. The result of THAT condition is that I clean a multitude of tiny, little hairs out of the bathroom sink every-single-day. (I'm thinking that the tiny hairs in the sink have taken the place of globs of toothpaste from his younger years.)

But, at least, due to the high cost of living for college students, he is STILL living with us and I am STILL given the honor of cleaning up after him. (You may THINK that is a "tongue in cheek" statement, but I know the day will come in the not-so-distant future when I will actually MISS seeing my bathroom sprinkled with the hairy evidence of his occupancy in our home! sniff)

Before I TOTALLY lose it, here is a photo of the birthday card that I made for my dear, darling son. I enjoyed myself IMMENSELY on this one! I love making masculine cards -- using kraft card stock -- corrugated cardboard strips -- office-type papers -- and twine!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Card for my Mom!

Mom and I celebrated HER DAY early, during our weekly Ladies' Night Out, last night. With FIVE children of my own, I need to be "available" on Sunday! (grin)

Here is the card I made for her. It made ME happy to see how it turned out! The design is pretty obvious -- top flap is secured by the layered tag beneath and ribbons tie at the top. One length is messy stitch-secured on the tag and the other is looped and pierced/secured with an "antique" brad on the card back. (The prongs are covered with a torn strip of paper secured on the inside of the card.)

Mom went ON & ON about the card. (Such a GOOD mother!!)


I am rather pleased (grin) with Roy's birthday card, this year. It's simple and has a "dirty," masculine look. (I can't really explain why I think "dirty" is a desired -- and masculine -- look!)

All supplies are Stampin' Up! this time.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thursday, My Childhood Best Friend Died...

On Saturday, I received a Facebook message from the daughter of my childhood best friend. She told me that her mom, Kae, had collapsed and died at an airport from a blood clot in her lungs as she returned home with her son from a trip to Paris. I don't know, yet, if she died at a U.S. airport or if she were still overseas when she died.

When my family moved across town, just before I entered fourth grade, I met Kae and we became the BEST of friends! She was petite, with dark hair and eyes. Kae was genuinely sweet, kind, unselfish -- just the nicest girl!! There was NONE of the drama in our relationship on which so many of our peers seemed to thrive. We were NEVER-EVER jealous of each other, but were truly THRILLED when the other achieved success and recognition!

Not until we were grown, and had lost touch with each other, did I fully understand that our friendship had been a RARE TREASURE.

Kae realized her childhood dream and became a nurse -- a career that must have been VERY hard on her little body. She had probably practiced for ten years or so, when she developed an illness that made it impossible for her to continue working. No one gave it a "label," but her symptoms seemed much like Parkinson's. In fact, the last time I saw Kae, she could only walk with the help of her husband and I was unable to understand her speech. We had to settle on communicating via emails. I can imagine that Kae must have struggled to type the few paragraphs she would send me. We always wrote of getting together for lunch and a visit when Kae would come to town to see family -- but, when her mom died, she no longer made the trip -- and we never got together to "do lunch" and enjoy a time of catching-up with each others' lives.

And, now she is gone. Her funeral service is scheduled for Thursday and I will be taking off work to attend. The thought of seeing her lying in her casket brings instant tears to my eyes, but I do believe that Kae trusted in Christ as her Savior, so for her to be "absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." That comforts my heart.

Here is a condolence card that I made tonight. I will mail it to Kae's husband, Mike, tomorrow.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

a THANK YOU card

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to present a workshop at a childcare conference (even though I am no longer in the childcare field) and last week, I received a gratuity in the mail.

Today's card is to express my appreciation for the speaking invitation and the gift, as well as the assistance I received when setting-up for my presentations. Since it must be sent via the U.S. Postal Service, I kept the card relatively flat and kept frou-frou to a minimum, as well.

I used a premade card base and added PTI die-cuts and stamping, along with a vinyl-covered border sticker. Yep, it-will-do. (grin)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kaleigh's card, inside & out!

As I sooo often do, I added a wee bit to the card front. It's just a tiny thing -- some sparkly, green, dotted sticker border -- but, the card needed a lil somethin' somethin'. I considered adding some fabric lace to the bottom, but it seemed to me that it would be OVER-KILL, so I left it alone. (grin)

I completed the inside. Instead of using my (Sizzix) balloon die-cut for the inside signature panel, I decided to bling it up and just sign on the card itself.

I'm satisfied. Yep, it'll do. And, I think that sweet Kaleigh will like the balloon, even if she notices NOTHING else!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Little Kaleigh's 3rd Birthday!!

My granddaughter, Kaleigh, turned three years-old, today, and our family feels VERY BLESSED, indeed!

You see, Kaleigh became critically ill soon after her first birthday and at thirteen months of age, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. At the time that she was diagnosed, Kaleigh was the youngest child treated for Type 1 Diabetes in the history of Oklahoma City's Children's Hospital. (She may still be the youngest -- I have no way of knowing, now that she is home.) We came TERRIBLY close to losing her!!

As if that disease were not difficult enough to treat and control, about a year ago, Kaleigh was ALSO diagnosed with Celiac disease, so must have a gluten-free diet. I will spare you the description of how violently ill she becomes if she ingests even the tiniest bit of gluten...sigh.

Let's just say that life is NOT EASY for my son and daughter-in-law for they must be vigilant in planning special meals, testing their child's blood sugar at least ten times per day, and administering meds that keep Kaleigh stabilized. Day after day after day.

So we REJOICE that Kaleigh has reached the milestone of her third birthday and we pray she lives many, many more happy and reasonably healthy years!!

Here is the front of her birthday card. (As usual, I will photo and post pics of the inside when I complete the card.) The card has many patterns, but because the design is simple and the colors repeat, it works. Well, in my opinion, it works, anyway. (grin)

Hope you like it!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Goody Bags for YMCA Co-Workers

After seventeen years of preschool childcare (and eleven years as a grandmother), Easter calls to mind GOODY BAGS OF CANDY!

Since I am working for a CHRISTian organization, I used a couple of rubber stamps and added "reminder tags/bookmarks" to the bags as a small witness of "what it's really ALL about." Though there are MANY employees whom I've not met, a number pass through the office on a daily basis, to clock-in/out, print copies, speak with the Exec. Director (my boss), etc., so I placed a goody bag in each of their mail/message boxes and hand-delivered one to the lady custodian who empties my trash container each day.

I think all were PLEASED with a lil somethin' sweet to eat and many remarked about the "GREAT" tags. Of course, that made ME very happy!! (grin)

May you dear ladies have a LOVELY Easter, tomorrow!


Saturday, March 24, 2012


Christie, who is married to our second (of three) sons, Trey, turned 28 years-old, yesterday. Beside a gift card (her hubby states that new clothes are in order), Jer and I will enjoy some GRANDDARLINS TIME with Abigail and lil Hoyt, so that Trey can take his sweet wife out this evening.

I have introduced Abigail to card making, which she LOVES, so plan to have a little "kit" for her to enjoy tonight. Papa and Hoyt will just have to enjoy some "guy time," while Abigail and I create!

Here is Christie's card.