Saturday, July 7, 2012


As I considered making Mom's birthday card for this year, I was drawn to have a FORMAL design, so chose "heavy" paper and a new, large stamp by Stampin' Up. I used "Tangerine Tango" for the stamped image, then toned down the orange by scrubbing over it with "Crumb Cake" ink on a sponge, creating an uneven and non-uniform shaded effect. Better.

More "Crumb Cake" ink was scrubbed over the lace for it was just too pristine for my taste. I wondered if the lace treatment might "bug" Mom a bit, as I trimmed it BEYOND the edges of the card (but, if it did, she made no indication). When it came to adding a flower/bow, I had a change of heart and decided to add a lil whimsy to the formal look, so made a messy flower from pages of an old book and layered it over a kraft paper punched flower.

When I "GROW UP" as a card maker, I hope to accomplish REAL layering -- I've only successfully accomplished it a couple of times -- but, until then, SIMPLE will just HAVE to suffice. At least, I make the effort at handmade, right??


  1. This is beautiful, Debbie! think it's my all time top fave of yours!!

    1. REEEALLY??? Well, you are MOST KIND to even consider my lil collection of cards!

      In fact, I was thinking of YOU when I stated that I hope to someday GROW UP and be able to make beautifully layered cards!! I was tickled to find that you had MORE cards published in the Embellish magazine -- and that you wrote step-by-step descriptions of how they were created!

      So, you MUST tell me...

      When you create a card, do you "design as you go," or do you KNOW how it's going to be made before you start? I'd LOVE to see a FOR REAL video of your creative process, even if it took a couple of hours to make a single card! (Just sayin'...grin)

  2. This really is a beautiful card!! Love that new SU stamp!