Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Birthday Card for Sherry!

Yesterday was my friend, Sherry's, birthday -- and I had a GRAND time making her card! (Cleaning the horrific mess I made -- not so much.)

Not long ago, I was at Sherry's home and she was showing me the special massage setup that she created in two rooms of her home for "Raindrop" treatments that she gives as a ministry/business. She uses essential oils produced by a company known as "Young Living" which owns its own herb and plant farms and distills its own oils. (I have become a distributor -- and USER -- of the oils and they are AMAZING!!)

She has a professional massage table and the most SOOTHING & RELAXING environment imaginable -- and the WONDERFUL oils scents!! Aaaaah!!!

When showing me how she had organized her client records, she pulled out a large BLACK plastic file box! DEJA VOUS!! (Remember the black file box that I scavenged at work and for which I crafted a decorative front panel??) I knew IMMEDIATELY that I would create a pretty panel for HER file box -- and I made one as an "extra" birthday gift for her.

                                                              Sherry's birthday card

                                                                   inside Sherry's card

                                                 decorative panel for Sherry's black file box

Last year, I crafted Sherry a mini-legal pad "holder" and since she is using it in her "massage haven," I chose materials for her file box panel that would coordinate with it. (Maybe now, she'll not hide the file box in a cabinet! grin)


  1. Love, love, love your birthday card, Deb! Think this is my all-time fave cards of yours! I bet Sherry really loved it, too. And what a fabulous "extra" gift idea you had for creating a pretty front for her ugly file box. Love the flower and embossed paper and love the old postcard. The cardboard base is really awesome, too!

  2. Hello Deb! I recently found your blog and wanted to stop by and say hello. Your birthday card for Sherry is wonderful. Love the old fashioned style...I love working with doilies!

  3. Hello Deb! how did I miss seeing this post?! I must have been one busy gal!

    What a lovely birthday card for your long time friend! I love polka dots and doilies :)

    Such a great idea to make her a front panel for her file box. I am sure she loved it cause it turned out fabulous!

  4. Just wanted to pop by and wish you a very happy New Year, Deb! May 2013 be your best year ever!