Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thursday, My Childhood Best Friend Died...

On Saturday, I received a Facebook message from the daughter of my childhood best friend. She told me that her mom, Kae, had collapsed and died at an airport from a blood clot in her lungs as she returned home with her son from a trip to Paris. I don't know, yet, if she died at a U.S. airport or if she were still overseas when she died.

When my family moved across town, just before I entered fourth grade, I met Kae and we became the BEST of friends! She was petite, with dark hair and eyes. Kae was genuinely sweet, kind, unselfish -- just the nicest girl!! There was NONE of the drama in our relationship on which so many of our peers seemed to thrive. We were NEVER-EVER jealous of each other, but were truly THRILLED when the other achieved success and recognition!

Not until we were grown, and had lost touch with each other, did I fully understand that our friendship had been a RARE TREASURE.

Kae realized her childhood dream and became a nurse -- a career that must have been VERY hard on her little body. She had probably practiced for ten years or so, when she developed an illness that made it impossible for her to continue working. No one gave it a "label," but her symptoms seemed much like Parkinson's. In fact, the last time I saw Kae, she could only walk with the help of her husband and I was unable to understand her speech. We had to settle on communicating via emails. I can imagine that Kae must have struggled to type the few paragraphs she would send me. We always wrote of getting together for lunch and a visit when Kae would come to town to see family -- but, when her mom died, she no longer made the trip -- and we never got together to "do lunch" and enjoy a time of catching-up with each others' lives.

And, now she is gone. Her funeral service is scheduled for Thursday and I will be taking off work to attend. The thought of seeing her lying in her casket brings instant tears to my eyes, but I do believe that Kae trusted in Christ as her Savior, so for her to be "absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." That comforts my heart.

Here is a condolence card that I made tonight. I will mail it to Kae's husband, Mike, tomorrow.


  1. Oh, I am SO, SO sorry for your loss, Deb! I know just how much that precious true childhood friend means and what a big impact they end up having on your life. Your card is beautiful. Kae's husband, Mike, will really appreciate your kindness.

  2. so very sorry, deb:( she was a once in a lifetime friend to you, and i hope your memories of her will bring you comfort--beautiful card! hugs to you:)

  3. Deb, as I read your message I have tears in my eyes. Sorry to hear that such a dear friend has passed on. Please know that I am thinking of you.
    I am sure that Mike will appreciate the LOVELY card that you made.

  4. Thank you for caring, dear ladies!

    Kae's funeral service was today. It was a very nice service, even though the minister didn't personally know Kae. He must have visited at length with family members for his descriptions of her personality were spot-on.

    My mom went with me for Kae was special to her, too. Growing up, Kae was at my house or I was at hers, as much as possible. Mom and I have SUPER memories of Kae going with us on a family camping vacation. She couldn't have been MORE fun! Whatever we did, Kae eagerly participated -- even getting up before sunrise to go fishing!! What a trooper!!!

    Thank you, Audrey, Lynn, and Donna for your kind words. I don't usually "put myself OUT THERE," but your responses to my sadness are a REAL comfort and are VERY MUCH appreciated.