Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Goody Bags for YMCA Co-Workers

After seventeen years of preschool childcare (and eleven years as a grandmother), Easter calls to mind GOODY BAGS OF CANDY!

Since I am working for a CHRISTian organization, I used a couple of rubber stamps and added "reminder tags/bookmarks" to the bags as a small witness of "what it's really ALL about." Though there are MANY employees whom I've not met, a number pass through the office on a daily basis, to clock-in/out, print copies, speak with the Exec. Director (my boss), etc., so I placed a goody bag in each of their mail/message boxes and hand-delivered one to the lady custodian who empties my trash container each day.

I think all were PLEASED with a lil somethin' sweet to eat and many remarked about the "GREAT" tags. Of course, that made ME very happy!! (grin)

May you dear ladies have a LOVELY Easter, tomorrow!



  1. i love the tags, deb! wishing you a happy easter!!

  2. What a sweet thing to do, Deb! I bet you really made the day of all your co-workers. I absolutely love your tags!

  3. I agree! a sweet thing to do :)is there chocolate in those bags? hehe a great idea to make bookmarks using tags!
    I had a good Easter hope yours went well also.