Friday, April 13, 2012

Little Kaleigh's 3rd Birthday!!

My granddaughter, Kaleigh, turned three years-old, today, and our family feels VERY BLESSED, indeed!

You see, Kaleigh became critically ill soon after her first birthday and at thirteen months of age, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. At the time that she was diagnosed, Kaleigh was the youngest child treated for Type 1 Diabetes in the history of Oklahoma City's Children's Hospital. (She may still be the youngest -- I have no way of knowing, now that she is home.) We came TERRIBLY close to losing her!!

As if that disease were not difficult enough to treat and control, about a year ago, Kaleigh was ALSO diagnosed with Celiac disease, so must have a gluten-free diet. I will spare you the description of how violently ill she becomes if she ingests even the tiniest bit of gluten...sigh.

Let's just say that life is NOT EASY for my son and daughter-in-law for they must be vigilant in planning special meals, testing their child's blood sugar at least ten times per day, and administering meds that keep Kaleigh stabilized. Day after day after day.

So we REJOICE that Kaleigh has reached the milestone of her third birthday and we pray she lives many, many more happy and reasonably healthy years!!

Here is the front of her birthday card. (As usual, I will photo and post pics of the inside when I complete the card.) The card has many patterns, but because the design is simple and the colors repeat, it works. Well, in my opinion, it works, anyway. (grin)

Hope you like it!


  1. love the sentiment, deb:) wishing kaleigh many healthy bdays ahead!--she has such a cute name!

  2. Oh, poor sweet little Kaleigh!! Wishing her many, many more happy birthdays! Your card is adorable, Deb! Love that sentiment. And what a sweet little ribbon flower!