Friday, July 6, 2012


All YMCA's are using new logos and bylines and everything with the former are being phased out, including signs, t-shirts -- all kinds of items. Hold that thought.

A few weeks ago, I suggested to my boss, the CEO, that he might want to send personalized condolence cards to Y patrons upon the death of family members. I suggested to him that I could make simple, handmade cards -- and he asked me to make a few as samples.

Well, I remembered seeing a supply of note cards that featured the former YMCA logo and I determined to "tweak" them into service as updated condolence cards.

Here's a photo of the OLD card.

My first effort was to TOTALLY cover the card front, using a card stock panel with a digital flower and digital sentiment. Not bad, but it didn't ring any bells for me. Ho-hum.

For my second attempt, I realized that the signature and title on the former cards could be salvaged. It was just the logo and byline that were outdated. So, I used my Sizzix "Top Note" die and cut shapes from black and red floral paper; trimmed them to fit, and added easy-peasy banners using red card stock strips to cover remnants of the old logo peeking from beneath the patterned paper. I sacrificed a premade card by stamping the sentiment on the inside sections of the front and back; then, oval-punched and adhered the sentiment on the refurbished card fronts. Some of the cards got rounded-corner treatment and others were left as-is.

My boss was QUITE impressed (grin) and upon seeing them, IMMEDIATELY asked if he could have one for he NEEDED to send a condolence card! (The one I gave him is not pictured, as I forgot to photo them until AFTER presenting them to my boss.)

As time permits, I will make new/different designs, but I think the oval-cut sentiment will be used for them ALL. It seems perfectly suited for use by a Christian organization.

It really pleases me to use my creative hobby to enhance my position at the Y. (By the way, I have been "upgraded" from the title of Executive Secretary to Administrative Assistant! How 'bout that?? grin)


  1. What a great idea you had, Debbie, and I so love that you've recycled old cards in the creation of the new. These are really beautiful! I like that the signature and title still show to make these really personal and love the label and banner shapes. The oval sentiment is just beautiful, too. Great idea, and congrats on your position upgrade! :)
    And thanks for your sweet comment on the Create: Embellish magazine. So glad you hunted down a copy!

  2. i go on vacation for 2 weeks and you go and get crafty:) congrats on your promotion, deb! love the pretty cards!