Monday, July 16, 2012


After completing my grandson's first birthday card, I still wanted to create, so I decided to tackle some more YMCA card conversions. These converted cards need to be SIMPLE and CHEAP to make. Well, I just don't know HOW one could make them more cheaply than these last three!

Again, here is a photo of an original note card that can no longer be used since they feature a former logo and byline.
My continuing task is to USE the "forbidden" cards to MAKE cards that are USEFUL -- and do it with almost NO out-of-pocket expense. As before, I used panels from the "old" cards to create new card fronts. I made use of the red and black color scheme and simply die-cut shapes, stamped and edged them with ink, then adhered them in place. I slipped off to bed at 1:00 a.m. thinking I'd completed three cards. But, this morning, before taking the cards to work, I decided that adding some lil die cut butterflies would be the FINISHING touch, so I put my Sizzix to quick use and cut 'n embossed a few butterflies -- and added them to the cards.

Here are BEFORE AND AFTER shots:

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  1. So beautiful, Debbie! You are doing such an amazing job recycling these old cards. I think the die cut butterflies were the perfect addition!