Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The YMCA brochure I designed!

My scan wasn't perfectly straight, but my second attempt wasn't any straighter than the first (likely because the brochure has creases from being folded), so it will just have to do.

On the front is a photo of my daughter-in-law, Joy, and her two children, Kaleigh and Kamdyn. It was this photo that I "doctored." The center (back) photo shows Kaleigh playing in the Y nursery. The CEO, Ken Rapp, and a sweet member are featured on another panel -- and a little boy who was enrolled in the Y Day Camp (mama signed a release form) was photographed during a group swim lesson.

Below is the "original" photo. Can you compare and see the results of my photo surgery?? I removed a window sticker that seemed attached to Kamdyn's head...removed a bruise from Joy's leg (you're welcome, Joy :)...straightened the mats in several places...and removed a tiny window sticker that peeked between Joy's waist and arm. Kaleigh was PERFECT -- no touch-ups needed!! (grin)

The brochure is being mailed to several hundred prospects and business professionals in our community, so I was TICKLED that Ken allowed me to use my own family members as models! It made the project LOTS more fun than it would have been had I just recruited unknown YMCA members or used stock pictures from the national Y website.


  1. Yes, MUCH more fun to have photos of your own little family on the brochure! It looks fabulous, Deb! Great touching up on the photo. I would have no idea how to "straighten mats". :)

    1. Oooh, THANK YOU, Audrey!! I'm SO glad you like the brochure!

      Our little Kaleigh, who is now 3 years old, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 13 months of age and about a year ago, was found to have developed Celiac disease, as well!! You would NEVER know to look at her, now, that just two years ago she was near death. (Beneath her little black skort a plastic pump is attached to her leg, which administers insulin at the command of a hand-held control.)

      Kaleigh's mommy and daddy have just announced that they are hoping to raise money to get Kaleigh a Diabetic Alert dog, so that she can attend preschool/grade school and lead a (somewhat) normal life. The only alternative is to home educate her because she requires constant monitoring. Bless her heart.

      About "straightening mats" with Paint software -- it is a VERRRRY tedious process. I could have removed ALL the ripples, but I became too weary and decided that enough was enough, already.

      Thanks, again, for your sweet responses to my posts!

  2. Oh my goodness Deb, you did a WONDERFUL job in editing your photo!! I had to keep going back and forth to check out your work! What a sweet family :)