Saturday, January 12, 2013

THANK YOU, Melissa!

Melissa, the Office Manager at the YMCA, where I work, made CHRISTmas AMAZING for the ladies who work in the office!! She hosted an "Office & Spouse/Boyfriend" party at her church with a buffet-style dinner and "Dirty Santa" gift exchange. And, she gifted each of "her girls" (grin) a LOVELY wooden country-style photo frame! She organized an "all-employee" CHRISTmas party at the Y facility, complete with games and prizes -- LOTS of fun!

Well, I have wanted to make a "thank you" card to send her, but had to wait until I was healthy -- B-A-D flu going around here -- but, I'm finally healthy, so was able to spend this coooold Saturday afternoon making her a card.

I was smiling while I made it -- thinking of my online friend, Audrey, and my desire to accomplish the technique which SHE has mastered -- LAYERING. I gave it my BEST SHOT on this card!

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  1. Oh, Deb! Sooo sorry to hear you've had the flu, and especially through the holidays! Glad that you are better now!
    And you made me smile with your card and sweet comment. I think you did a great job with the layering and the mix of papers and colors. Totally noticed the layers of texture with the burlap and trim, too. This is beautiful!