Monday, January 9, 2012

My Baby is Turning 18!!!

The youngest of my five children is turning 18 on January 23!!

As important a milestone as that is for HER, I am EQUALLY excited that I survived ALL thirty-five child rearing years with my sanity!! (My eldest, Moriah, turned 18 years-old in the year that Morissa was born. OOOH, MY GOODNESS!!)

Morissa is VERY artistically gifted, but STILL has an appreciation for my cardmaking efforts, so I put some EXTRA OOMPH into making her birthday card. (grin)

I made an easel card using two die-cuts from a Paper Trey Ink die, labeled "Front & Center." The die's original purpose is to create decorated panels for adhering to the front & back of little gift bags, but I envisioned another use -- and here are photos of the result. (I will give this another "Go" in the future for I think the die worked out GREAT for making a card! Hope Morissa likes it, too.)


  1. Deb, you did such a wonderful job with this card! I love how you did your flower. Is the stem and leaves a die cut or did you use a die? I really like your new "front and center" die
    Happy Birthday to Morissa!

  2. Thanks, Donna!

    The "stem & leaves" element is from a PTI die -- part of a set with various rose dies. I decided not to use the entire die set, but to use one of my handmade kraft flowers, instead.

    I think that I'll use the "Front & Center" die LOTS. I can envision it as a calendar base...a memo pad holder...a dry erase board (laminate card stock before adhering)for HONEY DO's or grocery

    Hey, I wonder if the "F&C" die-cuts could be used as covers for my ever-lovin' BAG BOOKS?!! You KNOOOOW how I L-O-V-E bag books!!

    If I were still in childcare, I am certain that I would use individual die-cuts as mini-signs to remind my clients of upcoming events. (Thank GOODNESS, that's ONE way that I will NOT use them! Ha!)

    I will deliver your HB message to Rissy Missy! (Her nickname when a wee one.) Thanks MUCH ~

  3. Hi there, Deb! Just wanted to thank you SO much for the sweet message that you recently left on my blog. I cannot tell you how touched I was at your words of kindness, and I'm so honored that you would take the time to look through my blog. You truly made my day.
    So glad to have found your blog now, too. I just love this post. How amazing your family must be! Wishing your youngest a very happy birthday coming up. Really love the fun card you created for her. Using that PTI die like this is very creative. I especially like the way you hinged the two pieces together at the top. So beautiful. She's going to adore it!

  4. how very clever, deb! i can see were she got her artistic gift from:) LOVE your flower, too! wishing morissa a wonderful b-day!

  5. Thanks for the kind comments and birthday wishes! (Hey, Lynn! That's what you have stated on your blog -- "kind comments!" And, that's what you share with others, as well. :)

    You will be PROUD of me! I TWEAKED Morissa's card (naturally) a wee bit, but I'm managing NOT to repost it!! It was such a TINY change -- a length of faded blue-green scalloped velvet ribbon along the card bottom -- and the difference is hardly noticeable (except to me, of course), so I can LIVE WITH the original picture.

    PROUD OF ME??!!!

  6. Just had to pop back to thank you so much for your sweet comments, Deb! You really make my day. :)

  7. Hi Deb! Just read your sweet comment and wanted to let you know that I'm not going to be at CHA myself....just some of my projects. Sure wish I was going, and I'm so tickled you would like me to meet your friend. You are so sweet!

  8. Hey Sweetie! Just got your message and sent you an email. :)

  9. Happy Valentine's Day, Deb! Wishing you and yours a very happy day. :)