Monday, June 6, 2011

PAPER BAG "thank you" Mailer

Today, I received in the mail a signed copy of an online friend's FIRST published children's book. It was a sweet and thoughtful gift, given because I did some copy editing on her SECOND soon-to-be-published book. I was happy to help and surely didn't expect anything for it, but I'm just TICKLED to have a copy of her first work!

And, is it EVER cute??!!! This first book is entitled, Sh Sh Sh  Let the Baby Sleep by Kathy Stemke and illustrated by Jack Foster (ADORABLY!).

I thought it appropriate to send a creatively constructed "thank you" note, so I made a paper bag mailer.

I am hoping that it safely clears the postal machines and survives being handled, sorted, and bundled. Velcro dots hide beneath the decorated bag flap, providing a means to repeatedly open and close the mailer. The addressed (edited from photo to ensure her privacy) shipping tag is secured with thick, super-sticky circle ZOTS on one end and temporary-glue dots on the "flap end."

Inside is a white card stock panel, edged in black, for my note of thanks.

Gulp...we'll see if it makes the trip.


  1. this is the cutest thing, deb! such a creative idea to use the paper bag-love it:)

  2. Thanks, Lynn!!

    If it arrives intact to my friend, I'll pat myself on the back (grin).

    It occurred to me, later (naturally), that I could have made a paper bag ENVELOPE, which would have made it unnecessary to use Velcro dots and the temporary glue -- AND would have caused me NO concern about its safe arrival!

    I've made hand-delivered CHRISTmas cards using bags and just tucked the flaps beneath the secured-on-the-left tags, but I've never made bags into mailers.

    Gutsy -- yes. Smart remains to be seen! Next time, I will make an envelope, for sure.

    Thanks for your encouragement, Lynn ~