Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flat Pocket-Front "Thank you" Card

I made a "thank you" card for a dear friend, Sherry, who took me to dinner and then a movie (at her home) for my birthday, last weekend. Several years ago, she was a demo for a rubber stamp company -- and it is GREAT FUN to make cards for her, since she has an appreciation for handmade items.

Just this week, I received a scalloped envelope template that I'd ordered from "Verses Rubber Stamp Co.," so I tried it out on Sherry's card. I really like it!

Since the card will be mailed to her, I used elements that were flat"ish" as well as a heavy weight kraft envelope. It should zip through the postage machine with no problem!


  1. Cool looking card Deb! love that lace on there. It looks like the scalloped envelope template worked out great for you. Are you able to put something inside of it? I am sure Sherry is going to love your card.

  2. I flipped the flap to the backside -- what you see on the card front. The envelope is attached to the card and the "tag" is inserted into the open envelope.

    I'm glad you like it, Donna!