Friday, April 24, 2009

Day One at Deb's

How EXCITING! I decided, this morning, to become a BLOGGER!!

So, today's entry will serve as my introduction, should anyone "discover" me!

I provide childcare and preschool in my Ooooklahoma home, and use my scrapbooking supplies and tools (and techniques I've seen demonstrated by creative scrapbooking bloggers) to make learning resources for my youngsters, as well as to create handmade cards for family and friends.

Making early childhood books from lunchbags is my most recent venture and I have given workshops where I've demonstrated the process and displayed my completed works. I'll share photos, as soon as I get comfortable with my NEW site!

I co-own a 450+ member Yahoo early childhood learning group called, "Learning Centers," where early ed curricula is collected and shared -- and where emotional support is generously given. What a TERRIFIC group of people!

Oookay! That should be PLENTY of introducing, I should think! Hopefully, I can find my way BACK to my own site! Ha! If so, I'll post MORE soon.

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